Our store provides access to premium beard care, classic and traditional wet shaving and other refining accoutrements. Our online catalog enables customers to shop on the go or from the comfort of home and pick up their items in store at their convenience. Find our products exclusively inside Fate Salon at 31 Jarvis Street, Fort Erie with our entire inventory nearby for quick in-store pickup or free local delivery.

Our reload-able gift cards are a great way to show someone just how special they are. Give them a gift that lets them choose from a variety of styles and fragrance and allows them to express or even indulge themselves. The best part is they can continue to indulge on their own because our premium products can actually save them dollars versus department store alternatives. Your gift will continue to be remembered as the start of something new and wonderful.

Wet Shaving Products

When you ask a wet shaving enthusiast what drew them to explore wet shaving many lead with a statement that tips a nostalgic nod to the days of old when real men created their own lather with real shaving soap and a shaving brush. You can’t help but admit it does bring a sense of manliness to a routine that often depends on using a rather uninspiring molded plastic instrument much like the one their female companion uses to shave her legs. We ought to be grateful the safety razor, straight razor and fine handles to accommodate popular Gillette™ system razor cartridges are available for those with a preference for fine things and even for those with a slightly elevated sense of Machismo who would endeavour to groom themselves with some sturdy gear that expresses their style.

The superior buffer and glide of a quality wet shaving soap or cream can improve your shave regardless of the type of razor you use. No one can take away from you that timeless experience when the fragrance of a freshly infused lather fills the room. The compulsion to rush through a shave gives way to a whole new appreciation for the male grooming ritual. We invite you to explore this more sophisticated approach to shaving and discover for yourself how truly enjoyable wet shaving can be.

We offer quality double edge safety razors, barber razors, straight razors, Gillette™ system razors and plenty of accessories for use and storage. Build your kit one piece at a time or purchase a complete shaving kit. Find also a variety of premium shaving creams and shaving soaps as well as pre-shave and post-shave products to fully round out your routine.

Beard Care Products

We aren’t just about beard removal. We also have your back if you intend to keep your beard and we’ll help you keep it in tip top shape with our butters, balms, conditioners, creams, oils, shampoos, washes, brushes and combs. We proudly offer beard care products from Always Bearded Lifestyle. Check out the information sheets below to learn why these products are so awesome and how best to use them. Discover this brand first hand when you book a beard trim at Fate Salon. Bearded clients will enjoy an application of Always Bearded Lifestyle house blend beard oil and beard balm to demonstrate how a properly nourished and groomed beard can look, feel and smell great. See what we have in store.

Always Bearded Lifestyle beard care products



Bluebeards Original beard care productsUrban Beard beard care products

We also carry products from Urban Beard, another great Canadian company devoted to the bearded lifestyle. Of course, we will always carry Bluebeards Original because their award winning beard care products essentially started it all.


Stop by the barbering station at Fate Salon where you will find some of our products proudly displayed. Our quality beard products are used on bearded clients in for a trim and our wet shaving products are used for clients in for a relaxing straight razor shave.

Call Fate Salon to book your appointment now. Mike Daigle, owner of Bridgeburg Gentleman’s Shoppe is a barber at Fate Salon. If you would like to request an appointment for a haircut, beard trim or straight razor shave with Mike you can also use the form below. See F8’s service menu for more information. Hair cutting services include scalp massaging shampoo and conditioning treatment. Please be prepared to stay up to an additional 15 minutes when booking with Mike.


Fate Salon is our exclusive customer outlet. Browse a selection of products at Fate Salon or order online to access our full catalog. Our online shopping cart lets you check out the products you want and pick up at your convenience at the counter at Fate Salon. Select cash on delivery as payment option to have your order delivered free within Greater Fort Erie.

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