Bridgeburg Gentleman’s Shoppe has a vision to create wealth, improve health, and reduce landfill by providing access to lifetime and long-lasting products and meaningful supports to enhance the lifestyle of gentlemen in this and the generations to follow. Our selection of premium grooming products aims to provide a luxurious base upon which you build a routine that defines you as a gentleman.

The frugal would be interested to learn that although premium shaving products appear to have a higher price tag they can actually save a consumer up to 65% or more every year over department store alternatives. Enjoy nice things. You can afford it.

Bridgeburg Gentleman’s Shoppe became a registered Ontario business in March, 2014 and is a family run business in Fort Erie headed by Mike Daigle, a straight razor enthusiast with sensitive skin who experienced a dramatic change of perspective during his conversion to wet shaving and further migration from cartridge to double edge and straight razor shaving.

“The always awesome comfort, super close shave and healing effect to my skin after having converted to wet shaving inspired me to open this store. I thought everyone should love to shave and I wanted to promote that by making fine grooming products available.”

Greater Fort Erie Chamber of Commerce