Navigating the Terrain (Knowing Your Grain)

If your shave doesn’t regularly yield nearly perfect results with little to no irritation then you might be facing the fact that you don’t know the facts about your face. Many of our customers have benefited from learning the basic principle of shaving mentioned here. For the record, the second-most cause of irritation not related to product selection is failing to lather for each pass. A surprising number of men were performing their final pass without applying lather first. Lather is used as a buffer and lubricant. It doesn’t matter how much stubble is left on your face. The lather protects your skin by reducing the friction of the blade.

The best premium lather won’t give you any advantage if your skin lacks hydration. Perhaps that is why 84% of men use pre-shave products to improve comfort. For some skin or beard types even a hot shower isn’t quite enough. A pre-shave balm or oil can help provide that additional hydration to keep your blade gliding smoothly.

The illustration below shows areas of the face and neck where the direction of hair growth is typically different from surrounding areas. Barbers shave customers according to these zones. Depending on their style and date of training they may specifically address from 14 to 25 zones on your face and neck to give you that perfect shave. The illustration depicts 20 zones. You can even use an interactive beard grain map and print the results to keep for reference to help you give yourself the best shave possible.

Beard grain map - blank

Let your stubble grow sufficiently so that you can see which direction it grows, or massage your lathered face and neck with the intention to discover through touch which direction your stubble is growing. Visualize or record your findings on a map such as provided here.

The most sensitive skin might not allow shaving in any other than in the same direction of hair growth, or “with the grain”. Since shaving is the gradual reduction of hair through successive passes it can be enough to simply shave with the grain, re-lather, then shave with the grain again. You won’t get that BBS (“baby bottom smooth”) finish but you will be “presentable” and relatively irritation free. Most skin types can tolerate a second pass perpendicular to the direction of hair growth, or “across the grain”. Many men, especially those who insist on a BBS face will perform a final pass opposite the direction of hair growth, or “against the grain”. This is the pass with the most potential for irritation and should never be performed until stubble has been greatly reduced. Shaving against the direction of growth can promote irritation, and a regular habit of it can promote in-grown hair although this can be reduced by using a single blade or twin blade razor. More blades provide more lifting increasing the chance of skin healing over the stubble forcing it to grown inward. Antiseptic post-shave products are recommended for those who shave against the grain. Natural alum is a popular choice for its antiseptic and astringent properties.

The road to a great shave is described in the map of the grain of your beard. Follow that map with a quality lather and sharp edge and you will be on your way to discovering a love of shaving.

Interac Delivered

We are thrilled to announce debit card payment is now available for cash on delivery orders. We now accept all major credit and debit cards offering you the convenience and greater security of EMV chip-and-PIN and NFC contact-less payment options right at your door.

Local delivery is free for Preferred Customers and all orders over $50. A variety of convenient and secure payment options are available.

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Stay in the Black and You’re Golden

Still using a bank to keep your money between paychecks and purchases? Are you tired of watching your money disappear whether you spend it or not? The old joke isn’t so funny anymore. It really is safer to keep your money in a mattress.

A Bridgeburg Gentleman’s Shoppe reload-able gift card isn’t just a safe place to put your money, it is also your key to exclusive offers when you register so you can enjoy special pricing, free local delivery and other benefits reserved for our Preferred Customer group. Read more.

Our products can turn chores into pleasures and routines into rituals. We can help your money last longer through use of long-lasting products that don’t promote damage requiring more products to correct. We are your simple solution to aggravated skin and a shrinking budget. Our devotion to your health and wealth is expressed in our $1000 Give-Away. We will load an additional $10 on the next 100 gift cards activated with a load of $50 or more funded by cash before May 31, 2015.

Bridgeburg Gentleman's Shoppe Prepaid Gift Cards are reload-able. Protection and benefits with registration.
Bridgeburg Gentleman’s Shoppe Reload-able Gift Cards. Protection and benefits with registration.

Safely Dispose of Used Razor Blades

Due to the risk of injury and the spreading of disease it is important to safely store and dispose of your used razor blades.  We provide an all-metal razor bank to safely store your used double edge razor blades.  You can separate the two piece container and transfer the blades into another container for safe disposal by placing tape over the slot then turning the bank upside down and lifting off the base plate, or you can use masking tape to seal the slot then prevent accidental opening of the container by running the tape around the bank vertically so as to bind the bank housing to the base plate.  Be liberal with the tape and use a marker to label the container with “Bio Hazard” and/or “Used Razor Blades”.  Dispose with your trash or according to your local ordinances.

Used multi-blade cartridges such as Gillette’s Mach3 and Fusion should be returned to a slot in the cartridge tray.  When all cartridges have been retired the entire tray should be wrapped in masking tape and disposed of with your trash.  Individual cartridges with no tray to call home and shaving heads on disposable razors should be individually wrapped in tape and disposed with your trash or according to your local ordinances.

Keep your family, guests and waste management workers safe.  Masking tape is an efficient and inexpensive solution to the problem of safe disposable of used razor blades.  We provide an all-metal razor bank at no charge with the purchase of a double edge razor.  Replacement razor banks are only $2 including HST.  You can even make your own razor bank using other metal containers such as a can of broth.  There is no solid matter to clog the slot you make to drain and rinse the can if you use broth.  The appropriately sized slot will accept your used blades for safe storage (seal with tape then label as above prior to disposal).

Razor bank safely stores used double edge razor blades.
Razor bank safely stores used double edge razor blades.

Celebrate Earth Day With Us

What better way to celebrate Earth Day than doing something to reduce your load at landfill? Make a visit with us a part of your Earth Day celebration. At Bridgeburg Gentleman’s Shoppe we express our commitment to the environment by offering lifetime and long-lasting products that are sure to reduce your load at landfill as well as increase your comfort. To help save paper we are happy to provide an email receipt for purchases. We will credit $1 to your online account when you return your deactivated gift card for us to dispose of properly or re-use for giveaways or other promotions. We also provide an all metal razor bank with the sale of double edge razors to encourage safe storage and disposal of used recycled metal double edge blades.

The road to a cleaner tomorrow is paved by choice. When your choices lead you down that road you will discover Bridgeburg Gentleman’s Shoppe. Include a gift card activation of $50 or more with your purchase on April 22, 2015 and we will load an additional $10 to show our appreciation for your supporting a cleaner tomorrow.

Specials Ending April 19, 2015

All special pricing in this post applies to purchases made online and in store.

Bluebeards Original Trio ($66.37). Get control of that unruly beard. Ditch the itch from a new beard. Soothe the skin under your beard. Bluebeards Original award-winning products will clean and condition your beard and skin without failing to impress. Experience the Original, Fresh Mint or Unscented (best for sensitive skin). Let us deduct an even $8.00 from your after-tax invoice when you purchase any Bluebeards trio of Wash, Intensive Repair, and Saver products. Offer valid online and in store until April 19, 2015. Rebate applied to shopping cart after checkout (final invoice and payment will include the rebate).

Fusion Compatible Shaving Set ($150.44) . Indulge yourself or treat another to this handsome Pure Badger Shaving Fusion Razor 3 Piece Shaving Set on special now online and in store or this elegant IL Ceppo Mach3 Razor 4 Piece Shaving Set ($132.74) also in stock and on special now. Shaving sets make a wonderful gift any time of year. Build your own or select a double edge, Mach3 or Fusion compatible combination from our Shaving Sets category.

Kent 3 Piece Shaving Kit ($46.02)

Kent 3 Piece Shaving Kit
Kent “the Wet Set”

Kent Blended Bristle Shaving Brush with stand and tube of Skin Conditioning Shaving Cream in boxed set. Makes a great gift. Good for travel.

Razorpit Slide Razor Blade Sharpener ($22.12).

Razorpit Slide Razor Blade Sharpener
Razorpit Slide

This is the new Slide version of the original patented Razorpit Razor Cleaner ( Cleans and sharpens your razor blades making them last 6 times longer on average. Expect to extend the life of your razor blades about 4 times longer if you thoroughly rinse and dry your razor after use, else expect your razor blades to last up to 10 times longer if you’re not so diligent with your gear. Works with cartridge, disposable and DE blades.

1. After shaving lubricate Razorpit with a thin layer of shaving product.

2. Place your razor blade on the surface of the Razorpit. Push down with light pressure, and push razor forward along the entire surface of the Razorpit, still with a light pressure into the surface. Drag the blades with the edges trailing. Do not reverse direction and cut into cleaning pad.

3. Repeat 4–5 times after every shave. Then rinse razor and Razorpit with warm water.

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