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New Brand

Introducing another cost-effection option in shaving tools is one of our favourite things to do. You know we are interested in quality and you trust us to insist on it. That’s why Rockwell Razors are now offered in our store.  From the very inexpensive R1 Rookie with butterfly (twist-to-open) head up to the 6C Convertible razor you will find both comfort and savings in these innovative tools. The 2C comes with one reversible base plate giving you the option of a mild or medium shaver to use against your low or longer stubble. The 6C comes with three reversible base plates allowing you choose between six blade gap settings to match perfectly with the task at hand.

New Product

Elvado Brush/Brushless Shaving Cream is 100% natural and gives a premium performance especially when used with a shaving brush. Massage directly on beard or apply with a shaving brush.

New Product

Dapper Dan’s Hairy Man Gift Set contains three essential products suited for the grizzliest and most hirsute of gentlemen.

This set includes a remarkable trio of Dapper Dan’s most popular products like their signature Matt Paste, Beard Oil, and a luxurious wooden Beard Comb.

Dapper Dan’s award-winning Matt Paste carries a richly scented mixture of licorice and vanilla that provides a medium hold and low shine. The wooden beard comb exfoliates hair thoroughly, making an excellent means of application of Beard Oil by enhancing its effectiveness.