Privacy, Security & Terms


We do not share your name, email address or any personal information collected during account creation, order processing or blog subscription. Some details of your visit to our website might be collected as aggregate data (anonymous) by third-party analytics tools designed to inform us about things like the number of visitors we have and whether they used a mobile, tablet or desktop connection. This information helps us deliver our content with increased usability by tailoring features for our visitors.


We will not send unsolicited¹ communications to any email address you share with us except when necessary to verify or protect your account with us. You acknowledge that you will receive periodic articles from us if you subscribe to our newsletter or follow our blog via any of our social profiles. You can unsubscribe from our communications at any time by opting to unsubscribe from our newsletter (click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any email) or by opting to no longer follow us via a social profile.

¹Customers automatically enrolled in our VIP program are also automatically subscribed to our Special Offers for VIP’s mailing list. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any email.


This website is SSL encrypted to protect your login, account information and transactions. We do not capture any information related to your online payment. Online payments are made using a secure connection (SSL) directly between the payment gateway’s service and the customer’s browser (applies to credit card checkout and click-to-pay invoicing payment options). SSL encryption prevents eavesdropping and keeps your payment information safe and secure.

You can safely use a payment card to pay for your local cash on delivery order. Debit payment for cash on delivery is restricted to a maximum of $100 (tap only (NFC)). Split payment is permitted.


Checking out using the shop feature of this website constitutes your offer to purchase the products included in your cart. A purchase is deemed to be completed once payment is received and the order has been sent out for delivery or picked up by the customer. Online payment is not completed until an order is ready for pickup or delivery. We only request authorization to collect funds from your preferred funding source. If the authorization is successful your order is made ready. When your order is ready we capture the payment previously authorized. You will therefore not receive a notification of a completed payment until we have filed a request to capture funds after your order has been fulfilled.

Product pricing appearing on this website applies only to purchases completed via the shopping cart feature unless stated otherwise. Similar or separate special pricing may be offered in store. Online pricing is guaranteed for ten days. This allows you to pay the sale price after a promotion has ended. Complete your purchase before the 11th day to prevent expired sale pricing from being restored to regular price.

We may request a deposit to fulfill a request for products available via backorder. A restocking fee up to 20% of the invoice total may be charged in the case of cancellation of an order including backordered items (ie; backorder item is high value and/or having unique or rare qualities). Your agreement to a restocking fee will be confirmed prior to claiming a deposit from your prepayment authorization.

Exchange/refund of unopened and unused items is allowed within 10 days of purchase. Please contact us for additional information or bring your item(s) directly to our location along with your receipt. Returns via carrier must be authorized. Parcels not conspicuously bearing a RMA# provided by us will be refused.

Gift Cards

Physical gift cards (plastic) will be honored in store. Electronic gift cards (virtual) can be honored online only. Gift cards are non-refundable, have no cash surrender value and do not accrue interest. Purchased gift cards (both plastic and virtual) do not expire. Promotional gift cards expire one year from date of issue unless otherwise stated and can be honored online (virtual) or in store (plastic) only.


A virtual wallet is generated with every customer account. Rewards earned through completed purchases are credited to your wallet automatically. You can opt to apply your wallet balance to a purchase at checkout. You can top-up and even transfer your wallet balance to another customer.

Balance top-ups are applied to purchases first. Rewards credits are applied to purchases after purchased credits are used. Rewards credits have no cash surrender value. Purchased credits (top-ups) are refundable and subject to a 5% processing fee. Wallet balances are not insured, do not accrue interest and do not expire.

Delivery / Shipping

Local delivery is made Thursday through Saturday between 17:00 and 19:00, and from 10:00 until 19:00 on Monday and Tuesday. We currently ship within Canada via Canada Post or UPS.

Whan paying for Cash on Delivery orders please note there is a $100 limit on debit tap transactions. Other payment cards can be accepted using chip + PIN (EMV) or magnetic strip. Cash is also acceptable. Split payments are permitted.