Wet Shaving Products

Elevate your routine. When you master the art of shaving you turn that once despised daily chore into a pleasurable experience. This sophisticated yet simple approach to shaving will help you escape irritation, enliven your senses and nourish your skin. It will also tend to bring out the gentleman in you.

Wet shaving involves using concentrated shaving soap or shaving cream. These products require you to add water. Although some wet shaving products can be applied by hand you will always get a more profuse lather by using a shaving brush. Enjoy a wide selection of formats and fragrance.

We won’t pretend wet shaving is just for men. We carry shaving creams and soaps in various formats and fragrance many of which can be enjoyed by both sexes. Guys shouldn’t be the only ones with quality lather. The mild exfoliation and comfortable massage from a shaving brush infused with fragrant, warm lather is a comfort anyone can enjoy and a luxury everyone deserves.

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