Great Gift Ideas

Holiday Season is Upon Us

With the holidays fast approaching we often find ourselves scrambling to take care of everyone on our list. It’s difficult to find that special something that is both unique and thoughtful. You want your gift to be useful, not hidden away or re-gifted. This is where our store really shines.

You can create a custom shaving set or select a packaged shaving set that he’ll proudly display versus hiding away in a cupboard. You can help improve his shaving comfort by selecting a fine pre-shave and after-shave. No matter the type of razor he uses he will always get a better shave from the luxurious lather the products we offer can deliver. If he’s not ready to man up and build his own lather we carry shaving creams that can be used without a shaving brush. One of our favourites produced right here in Ontario is even formulated for use without a shaving brush. Thank you Elvado for Men, a division of BioPlanet. To cover all the bases we just stocked up on a very affordable brush and cream set to get him introduced to the wonderful world of wet shaving. We know he’ll get a kick out of building his own lather and we understand he might not want to tell you how much he enjoys the mild massage and exfoliation from his new shaving brush. His improved complexion and the smile on his face after a shave should say it all.

As North American consumers grow tired of insane replacement blade costs we see the migration away from commercialism to the practicality and comfort of the double edge safety razor is trending. To meet those ends we carry a variety of fixed and adjustable safety razors as well as a wide assortment of inexpensive replacement blades.  We also offer traditional Fusion and Mach3 compatible razors individually and included in full shaving sets.

Beards and Body, Too

We are not just about shaving. We offer some wonderful products to support magnificent beards. We’ve got you covered from brushes and combs to oils, balms and conditioners. Yes, we do carry those novel and stylish mugs that protect his moustache from his beverage. We also carry vegetable soap bars that won’t strip his beard of those much needed natural oils to keep it soft. They’re for the whole body so his skin will get pampered, too. We expect you’ll get a giggle hearing that huge bar slip from his hands but he’ll eventually tame it with use. We support great hair, too, so you’ll find we offer only the finest brushes and combs as well as some very competent clays, pastes and pomades.

Gift Cards Always in Season

If you have discovered that we offer some great products that would make great gifts but you are not sure which products would be best for him you can purchase a durable gift card that he can use in store to make a purchase on the spot or to pay for his online purchase that’s ready for pick up. We also offer electronic gift cards that can be used for online purchases only. We are very easy going so we have no reservation about helping you convert one gift card type to another should the need arise. If you have any questions please drop in at Fate Salon, 31 Jarvis Street. Wednesday through Saturday is a great time to catch Mike the barber who has a very good knowledge of the products. Check his hours or give the salon a ring if you would like to plan ahead.

We wish you a safe and happy holiday season!